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I suddenly flipped out completely when, at the end, the whole "living in an iceberg and dealing with keeping memory bubbles under the surface" was a huge metaphor for internalizing our emotions. Completely fitting, cute animation, and brilliant execution!

BEAUTIFULLY DONE. Both of you. Thanks you for making and sharing this with people :)

this is a HUGE improvement on the original.
Great work!
Looking forward to future productions :)

This is a beautiful animation. I didn't expect the animation to go the direction it did, but WOW, what a great way to take the story.
This is something that I think should be shared with everybody, to show that our bodies aren't terrifying.
I loved the characters. The teacher especially. I think he gave a nod not only to organ/body donors, but to educators, who often aren't given enough credit for their dedication.

Heartwarming, touching, brilliant. An overall phenomenal job. 5/5 stars, at least.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

thanks, i'm glad you found it touching, and I agree that teachers can never be given too much credit :)

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I found the controls very smooth, and this is a fun, simple game.
My only complaint:
I am fairly certain that the last level was designed by Satan.

Good work!

Good game, but by far not the best, by Hyptosis standards!
Here is my breakdown of the characters:
Sydney- Overall badass. Good for anything combat, and can get you out of most situations with ease. Street smart, too.
Rodney- Good with combat, but uses a ton of food, and is an idiot. Might get you into trouble.
Ash- Seems to be just average overall. Seems to get hungry quickly, like Rod.
Phil- Seems to be one of the smarter ones in the group. Good for most "find path" stuff, and can still fight okay.
Vivica- Just... *ugh* avoid using her if you want all the badges. A totally useless twat. Good for comedy and just about nothing else.

This game is easy enough that you can safely experiment with the non-Vivaca characters to find what situations they are good/bad in. You can also pick up new weapons, depending on the situation and chance.

Overall a simple game that is fun with little challenge. And most importantly, this game promotes one lesson above all others: DO NOT BE A VIVICA

looking forward to your next work, Hyptosis!

ok, now that the "stolen" aspect thing is cleared up....
EPIC game. I wish more point-and-clicks were like this

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Very nicely done. ^_^
What I like about your stuff is that it is very well balanced... fast while still keeping a tune, letting us hear both strings and drums, and etc etc. I'd let the list go on, but I'm sure you wouldn't want that to go to your head :P

Looking forward to your next piece.

Metaljonus responds:

Haha! Thanks for listening dudette! \m/

my childhood would have been soooo much better if sonic had some of this goin to it.
all my 5 are belong to you

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This is pretty intensely badass. Except for the cat-skull-worm thing in the background. I found that to be pretty adorable :P

Keep up the awesomeness!

your skills are terrifyingly good. I tip my hat at thee.

JudePerera responds:

It's an Honor to hear that. Thank you :D

Lookin' good so far!
Can't wait to hear their backstory :)

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