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I suddenly flipped out completely when, at the end, the whole "living in an iceberg and dealing with keeping memory bubbles under the surface" was a huge metaphor for internalizing our emotions. Completely fitting, cute animation, and brilliant execution!

BEAUTIFULLY DONE. Both of you. Thanks you for making and sharing this with people :)

this is a HUGE improvement on the original.
Great work!
Looking forward to future productions :)

This is a beautiful animation. I didn't expect the animation to go the direction it did, but WOW, what a great way to take the story.
This is something that I think should be shared with everybody, to show that our bodies aren't terrifying.
I loved the characters. The teacher especially. I think he gave a nod not only to organ/body donors, but to educators, who often aren't given enough credit for their dedication.

Heartwarming, touching, brilliant. An overall phenomenal job. 5/5 stars, at least.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

thanks, i'm glad you found it touching, and I agree that teachers can never be given too much credit :)

Oh, our dear esteemed announcer... what joyous things did you partake in off-screen?

this was soooooo good.

...but then dubstep... (sorry)

BULLS***!!! AOL sucks :P
I approve of this animation. Firstly, it teaches that one should NEVER F*CK WITH A GAMER. Secondly, this is pretty well animated. And the music was awesome and well used in the animation :)
good job

absolutely loved this. shrooms and fire flowers are way better than spinach :P
and peach is annoying as f***, so im glad the badassery wasn't tainted by her

plz make more epic :D

does that magazine say "hot rape" or "not rape"?
either way... BEASTBOY!

anyhoo, this is epic. and i feel so bad for zone-tan... dumb people are painful...

soooo many references... and i got more of them than i am proud to admit :P
funny, nicely done

caxx is one of my favorite voice actresses on this site, and this was well written and drawn. ithis was pretty epic (thank you for the brony rage)
2 thumbs up, 5 stars, and hoping to see more of this soon.

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